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Royalty Precious Metals Mission:

** Royalty Precious Metals has quickly become Americas’ Silver Authority (TM), due to Our Low Prices and Excellent Customer Service. As a former Banker, Hege Fund Manager, U.S. Military Veteran, and with 34 Years of Experience as a Seasoned Stacker of Gold and Silver Bullion, Kent Sullivan and Royalty Precious Metals (RPM) Primary Mission is to guide and direct new and experienced Stackers, Collectors and Investors alike into the Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium) that best fits their Stacking and Investment Needs and Goals.

** In this process it is our Mission to offer the Lowest Prices Available combined with the Best Customer Service in the Industry. Our Vast Knowledge and Insight of the Gold and Silver Industry (including Storage Facility Options) provides and gives Us (RPM) the ability to advise Stackers, Investors, Savers and Retirees (and those who are Saving for Retirment), as to which Precious Metal, in RPMs’ analysis, holds the greatest upside potential and protection (ie., Wealth Insurance), while Eliminating Third Party Counter Risk!

** As America’s Silver Authority, Royalty Precious Metals considers it our responsibility to warn investors to “Avoid” Telemarketer-Promoted and or Celebrity Endorsed Companies who Offer Gold and Silver IRA’s, who Sell Gold and Silver Coins, Coin Sets, Bars and Rounds that are “Grossly” Overpriced.

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We will recommend only those precious metals investments that we (RPM) believe will provide you the best Profit Potential, and or the Best Protection against Economic Turmoil and Turndowns. From the Beginning we’ve recognized that many people buy precious metals not only for “profit potential” but for “insurance”, which we Consider and call Financial "Peace of Mind" and Insurance. In such cases, we will recommend the precious metal that we believe will meet those goals, whatever they may be.


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