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*** There is “No Substitute” for “Holding” [In Your Possession] Physical Precious Metals (Gold, Silver & Platinum) “Versus” Having a Storage Vault Controlled by Someone Else to ‘Store’ your Precious Metals!  *** With all the World Turmoil and Uncertainty; “Why” Risk having all of your Gold and Silver in a Storage Vault two or three States (or more) Away; and or not being available (at your disposal) “Immediately” if Needed “Right Now” in the Case of an Emergency!

*** A Second Opinion from Royalty Precious Metals will more than likely answer this and other Questions that Most Companies who Use or Hire Celebrity Spokespersons (ie., to include Ex-Government Officials), that “Only” Focus on pushing Gold Backed IRA’s, who won’t or can’t answer your questions; *** and or they Skirt around (evade) the answer indirectly or all together!

*** If Your Being Offered “Something” (ie., A Large Amount of Silver or Gold to Include No Storage Fees, etc.,); which “Seems” to Good to be True In Order to Complete a Gold and Silver Backed IRA Transaction; then “Most” Likely You are Being “Maliciously Over Charged” for the Gold and Silver in Order to give you such a “Too Good to be True” incentive.

*** If After the First Conversation with a Potential Company that Offers Gold Back IRA’s; *** If they start calling you 2 to 3 or 4 times a day 2,3 or 4 days a week; who’s Best Interest (you or them) do you think that “they” are Looking Out for? *** If you Said “Their” Best Interest; you would be Correct!  These are Some (a Sample) of the Horor Stories that We and Others have heard from prospective Customers and Clients who call in asking questions.

*** One of the Biggest Scandals out there is where these Companies that only Focus on Gold IRA’s; *** is that once they get your Monies Transferred from a Qualified Retirement Account; *** they will “Slam” the unsuspecting Client into a gold product (ie., Gold Proof Coins and Sets); that they Claim Is an “Exclusive” Production Run, which has a Very Low Mintage, Etc., and that they “Guarantee” they will buy back (whatever is sold to the customer) at the same price or better in the future.  *** According to the U.S. Government it is “Fraud” to make “Guarantees” when it comes to Investments! *** Remember, there are No Guarantees in life; and the point in “Fact” is, what “if” (or when) the same company goes out of business? How are they going to fulfill the “Guarantee” (of a Buy Back) that they gave you? They won’t be able to; which makes thier “Guarantee” Worthless and a lie! 

*** Again, there is No Pressure or Requirements for a “Free” Second Opinion or Quote; So Call Now: 480-625-1784 for “Your” Peace of Mind!