1 Kilo Argor Heraeus Cast Silver Bar .999 Fine (New)

1 Kilo Argor Heraeus Cast Silver Bar .999 Fine (New)

1 Kilo Argor Heraeus Cast Silver Bar .999 Fine (New)


Volume Discount Pricing
Quantity (e)check/Wire Card/PayPal
1 – 3 1,075.18 1,120.07
4 – 14 1,072.13 1,116.89
15 + 1,069.03 1,113.66


** When you buy silver bars online, one of the most common weights you will find is the 1 Kilo option. Buying silver in such large weights offers greater affordability than buying smaller increments up to the same weight. Further, purchasing cast silver offers affordability as well since the production process is simpler and results in a lower premium. Right now, 1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bars are available to purchase online from Royalty Precious Metals.

Bar Highlights:

  • Impressive cast silver!
  • Unique serial numbers from Argor-Heraeus!
  • Contains 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy oz) of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features stamped designs and identifying markers.
  • Reverse field is blank.

Each of the 1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bars available here comes individually packaged. The bars will ship to you wrapped separately with protective wrapping materials around the bar in a shipping box for delivery. Each one of the bars come in brand-new condition.

Cast silver bars are produced using traditional refining methods. The silver is first melted down and then poured into a prefabricated mold. The molds are made from heat-resistant materials to allow the melted silver to cool inside of the mold. As the silver bar is cooling and taking shape, Argor-Heraeus will stamp the design elements into the surface of the bar.

Obverse visuals on these 1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bars include all of the markings you will find. Each bar has the Argor-Heraeus logo at the top with the weight, metal content, and purity noted below. At the bottom of the bar’s design field is a stamp with the assayer’s mark and a unique serial number. In the case of these cast silver bars, the serial number is assigned in a one-letter, five-number code.

Reverse fields of the 1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bar are left blank on purpose by the mint. Cast silver bars are ideal for investors looking to purchase silver in bulk. With design elements not the main focus for buyers of this type of silver, Argor-Heraeus only puts design elements on the obverse that identify the primary features of the bar. Markings on a cast silver bare are struck incuse. This means the design elements are struck into the surface of the bar rather than engraved onto the surface with 3D relief.

Argor-Heraeus was founded in 1951 in Chiasso, Switzerland, as Argor SA. Over the course of more than a half-century of refining, the mint has grown through its acquisition by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in 1973 and the partnership formed between UBS and the German Heraeus Group in 1986. In 1988, Argor-Heraeus moved to its current headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

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Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .9999
Manufacturer Argor Heraeus
Thickness 16.5 mm
Diameter 119 x 54 mm
Condition New
Edge Design Smooth
Series Argor Heraeus Cast
Packaging Type Resealable Plastic Bag
Package Dimensions 5 x 2.5 x 0.7
Metal Weight 32.15 Troy Ounces
Shipping Free Shipping on Orders Over $199
Dimensions 119 x 54 x 16.5 mm


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