10 oz Gold Bar (Random, Any Mint)

10 oz Gold Bar (Random, Any Mint)

10 oz Gold Bar (Random, Any Mint)


Volume Discount Pricing
Quantity (e)check/Wire Card/PayPal
1 – 2 24,450.91 25,471.74
3 – 4 24,400.91 25,419.65
5 + 24,345.91 25,362.35
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** Gold bars have been coveted by mankind since ancient times. First used as jewelry and adornments, gold has been a powerful economic tool for centuries now. Today, numismatists collect inspiring gold bars from refineries and mints around the world. Among the most popular products are 10 oz Gold Bars, such as those available through this Royalty Precious Metals product listing.

Bar Highlights:

  • Our selection features only bars with 10 oz of .999+ pure gold.
  • Designs and finishes range from sophisticated to rough.
  • Available from various mints.

The most popular gold bar weight in the world is the 1 oz bar. Easy to store and relatively affordable, 1 oz bar designs are often preferred by investors and collectors. However, 10 oz Gold Bars are just behind the 1 oz weights in terms of popularity. With 10 oz bars, numismatics can store higher amounts in less space.

10 oz Gold Bars are available through Royalty Precious Metals with various designs, struck by various mints and refineries. Among the more popular are those from Credit Suisse, for example. The Credit Suisse 10 oz gold bar features sleek lines and a refined finish. The corporate name, weight, metal content, and purity are engraved on the reverse, along with an assayer’s mark and individual serial number.

Unique 10 oz Gold Bars include the Valcambi CombiBar. Consisting of 10 individual 1 oz gold bars, this product is sealed and shipped in a 10 oz bar that can be broken out into individual bars in the popular 1 oz weight.

Johnson Matthey offers another popular product, with a more rustic finish. The bars feature a matte finish, with simple engravings that combine the company logo with the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar.

Your 10 oz Gold Bar from Royalty Precious Metals will be packaged and shipped discretely, concealing the identity of your purchase and protecting your investment. Bars available through this product listing come in various conditions and the product you receive will depend upon availability at the time of fulfillment.

If you are interested in ordering 10 Oz gold bars, feel free to contact Royalty Precious Metals with questions regarding this product listing or complete the online checkout process by clicking “Add to Cart” above. We are always willing and able to answer any questions about prospective or open orders via phone 480-625-1784, and or email: [email protected] so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer Varies
Condition Varies
CoA No
Metal Weight 10 Troy Ounces


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